Mr. Cub’s Will Contested

Legendary baseball player Ernie Banks, known to fans as “Mr. Cub,” passed away recently. Now it appears that there are two disputes involving his passing, including a will contest.


Before passing away, Ernie Banks suffered a protracted illness. During that time, he was cared for by a friend, Regina Rice. Initially, Banks’ family praised Rice and thanked her for looking after the baseball player in his last months. However, it did not take very long after the funeral for the family and Rice to get involved in two disputes.

First, Banks’ widow went to court to stop Rice from having Banks’ remains cremated. For now, that might be a moot point as no one claims to know where Banks’ body is currently located.

The second dispute centers on some estate planning documents Rice allegedly had Banks sign last October. As well as making Rice his power of attorney at that time, Banks also signed a new will to leave his entire estate to Rice. His wife and children were specifically cut out of any inheritance with the only reason given that they would know why.

Banks’ sons, however, through their attorney, claim not to know “why” and claim that Rice coerced Banks into signing the will when he was too sick to do so.

ESPN Chicago reported the story in a recent article titled “Suitability of Banks’ caretaker faulted.”

This case is still in its early stages. Accordingly, it is too soon to speculate how it might turn out.

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual story. Anytime an elderly, ill person rewrites a will to exclude family, the will is likely to be challenged.

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Reference: ESPN Chicago (February 16, 2015) “Suitability of Banks’ caretaker faulted.”

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