Skilled Fort Myers Business Succession Attorneys

Navigating the future of an established business brings its own set of challenges and opportunities.

As your business succession planning attorney, we’ll guide you through this complex journey, ensuring a smooth and beneficial transition for all stakeholders involved. Trust us to craft a plan that secures your legacy and sets your business up for long-term success.

When is it time to get a Business Planning Attorney for your Company?

Entrepreneurs are the trailblazers propelling the U.S. economy forward. When you’re first starting out, you face a million questions: 

The good news is that you’re not navigating this alone.

Right from the start, our team stands ready to collaborate with you creating a tailored path for your business journey.

From start-up decisions like the different forms of business to winding down your role in the company with a succession plan, we’re here to aid you every step of the way with your Florida business.

Contact us at (239) 225-7911 to get started today.

We offer dependable advice for every stage of business

Similar to a story’s chapters, businesses evolve in distinct phases. From growth and establishment to eventual transitions, important decisions need to be made.

With new opportunities on the horizon, our team is here as your trusted business succession planning attorney, offering services that include:

Succession Planning for Businesses


After the success you experience as a business owner, there comes a time when every entrepreneur passes the torch.


We can help you explore different options like selling or strategically entrusting your business to a reliable individual.


Leveraging our many years in business law ensures you have a legally sound and effective process for selling, dissolving, or transferring business ownership.

To start the process of mapping out your business strategy in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida, contact us at (239) 225-7911.

Do I really need a Business Lawyer?

Taking the time to plan your business carefully prevents expensive mistakes.

While risk can’t be fully eliminated, planning now saves time, energy, and resources later, helping you stay in control of your business goals.

In the beginning, many important details have broad impacts. Rushing without a plan can lead to a short-lived venture.

We’ll learn about your business and use our legal tools to protect the legacy you’re building.

Benefits of partnering with Business Succession Planning Attorney Barbara M. Pizzolato

Small business owners often juggle multiple roles.

In the whirlwind of daily responsibilities, strategizing for business success might slide down the priority ladder. Yet, investing time in thorough business planning is crucial and pays off both now and in the long run.

Proactive business owners who commit to structured business planning can anticipate:

Opting for the Right Structure

We'll assess your operational scope and future aspirations to establish a sturdy business structure.

Establishing Shields against Liability

From crafting contracts to addressing legal compliance, our toolkit forms a protective barrier for your enterprise.

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property

We'll guide you through various legal filings to safeguard your innovative concepts.

Preparing a Planned Exit Route

Irrespective of the future, there comes a time for exiting the company. We'll craft a roadmap to guide you along that path.

Start planning your success now.

Your business is more than just a venture; it’s your legacy and the result of your hard work. Make certain it thrives even in your absence. Protect its future and lay out clear succession plans. Don’t leave its fate to chance.

Contact us today for direct, effective business planning solutions. Let’s work together to solidify your vision and safeguard what you’ve dedicated years to build. Act now.

Call us at (239) 225-7911 or attend an estate planning event to get started today.

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