Fort Myers Trust Administration Attorney

Trusts protect your assets and skip the messy probate process.

Handling them is tricky, but our trust administration attorney team in Fort Myers, FL can navigate the estate administration for you, especially during a time of grieving.

What Is Trust Administration?

Trust administration begins after the trust creator’s death and guides how the trust’s assets are managed and distributed.

Unlike probate, this process operates outside of court, offering more privacy, speed, and often reduced costs. However, it’s not without complexity, involving tasks like interpreting the trust document, engaging with beneficiaries, and handling assets, taxes, and possible debts.

In short, trust administration is the behind-the-scenes work that makes your financial wishes a reality. It ensures your assets are distributed according to your trust document, providing a smoother, more private way to pass on your legacy.

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What Does a Trustee Do?

Trusts, when set up and managed right, contain assets, keeping them out of the deceased’s name for private management. But trusts don’t run themselves.

A trust requires oversight to manage and transfer assets — that’s the Trustee’s job.

If you’re named a trustee, you should know and understand your duties. These include:

As a trustee, your primary role is to uphold the beneficiaries’ best interests, a responsibility known as fiduciary duty.

Accurate record-keeping is not optional. You could be personally liable for mishandling trust assets.

Taking on the role of trustee is no small task; it comes with significant responsibilities. But you’re not alone.

With our experienced team at your side, you can navigate the complexities of administering your loved one’s trust both smoothly and efficiently.

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Trust Administration & Probate are Exhausting

Losing a loved one brings both emotional pain and logistical challenges. Suddenly, you’re faced with grief, upcoming court dates, financial matters, and a weight of responsibilities. It can feel overwhelming.

With Barbara M. Pizzolato guiding you, it doesn’t have to be. Our team takes pride in communicating with our clients, keeping meticulous records, and guiding the personal representative and/or trustee with ease of administration.

We’re here to simplify the complexities, help you navigate the legalities, and ensure you’re making informed decisions. Trust us to be your supportive team when you need it most.

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Southwest Florida's Premier Trust Administration Attorney

The probate and trust administration process can be complex due to the many details involved and the potential for disputes.

If you’ve been tasked with administering an estate or trust, let Barbara M. Pizzolato guide you through the process.

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