The Importance of Attending a Free Estate Planning Seminar

estate planning seminarThey say that knowledge is power, and this is certainly true when it comes to estate planning. Far too often, we have clients approach us who are looking for “damage control” solutions. When people don’t understand all the facts, they sometimes make mistakes, and their loved ones are left behind to deal with the aftermath.

Unfortunately, estate planning is a subject that far too many people choose to ignore. It can seem like a complicated process that can be addressed at some point in the future. In fact, studies show that the majority of American adults are completely unprepared for something that is definitely going to happen to all of us.

We do everything possible to help people in our area get over the learning curve so that they can plan ahead to protect their families. If you attend one of our seminars, you can obtain a great deal of information in a single sitting. Our firm has been offering seminars for many years, and we have developed the ability to convey a lot of knowledge without consuming too much of your time.

Learn About Estate Planning From an Experienced Attorney

People are sometimes hesitant to consult with an estate planning attorney because they are intimidated by the process. After all, you do have to discuss sensitive subjects with your estate planning lawyer. Your family dynamic will be addressed, and your financial situation will be an important factor to consider. It can be hard to get into these  subjects with someone that you just met.

This is another good reason to attend one of our seminars. At the seminars, you can get to know us before you take the next step. We find that people feel at ease with us from the start, so the trepidation is quickly assuaged.

Informed Planning

You have probably seen ads on the Internet that try to lure you to websites that sell DIY legal documents, including last wills. If you have been putting estate planning on the back burner, you may decide that you can buy one of these downloads and fill in the blanks to create your own estate plan.

This is a huge mistake. If you attend one of our seminars, you will learn some facts about last wills and the other estate planning documents that can be utilized. It can seem like a last will is the simplest and most cost-effective estate planning tool to use, but in fact, things are not as simple as they may seem to be if you use a will.

There can be complications during the estate administration process, and you are limited with regard to the way that assets can be transferred to your loved ones. Plus, there would be no asset protection or spendthrift safeguards.

On the other hand, these drawbacks and limitations would not exist if you establish a living trust.  These trusts can be the ideal solution for a wide range of people, and you don’t have to be a multimillionaire to realize the benefits.

The revocable living trust is one type of trust that can yield fruit, but there are other trusts that can satisfy more advanced objectives. For example, there are a lot of financially successful people here in our area. High net worth families can be exposed to the federal estate tax. There are steps that you can take to preserve your legacy, and we touch upon them at our seminars.

This is just one scenario that can call for specialized planning, but there are many others. The layperson is simply not going to have a full understanding of the options that are out there, and that’s where we come in.

Reserve Your Seat!

Our firm is very committed to providing these educational opportunities. We know that people live busy lives, and there are a number of different communities that we serve  throughout southwest Florida.

To accommodate everyone, we offer our seminars on a continual, ongoing basis, and the sessions are held at various different locations throughout Southwest Florida.  Different starting times are also offered, so you should definitely be able to find a starting time and a location that works for you.

All of our seminars are absolutely free to attend, but they do fill up quickly. As a result, we ask that you register in advance to that we can reserve your seat. We would also like to encourage you to bring along your successor or successors so that they can build on their knowledge as well.

You can click this link to see our current schedule: Southwest Florida Estate Planning Seminars. We look forward to seeing you!



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