Are you Childless and Aging? Is it Time to Designate a Caregiver?

In her September 2012 article, PhyllisKorkki with the NY Times discusses how our aging society may deal with some of the problems that occur when they have no children or natural caregivers.  In the article, she also discusses some ways you may be able to use common estate planning and legal documents to avoid problems and give someone legal rights to help you make decisions if and when you need it.

These estate documents can allow you to select who will act on your behalf and manage your estate and assist you with making healthcare decisions should you become incapacitated.  They can also avoid the need for competency and guardianship proceeding in which the court decides if you are able to act on your own behalf and who will manage your estate should you become incapacitated or found incompetent.

Throughout the 25 years of legal and estate planning practice, I have found that most clients are very relieved once they have implemented or updated there estate plans regardless of the size of their estate.  Knowing that they have protected the people they love and the assets they own gives them a great peace of mind.

Follow this link to the NY Time article 

If you would like this office to assist you in implementing or updating your estate plan simply follow this firm’s   Five Steps to Creating Your Estate Plan  

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